Arketal: Workshops

19. September 2012

From 5 till 9 November, introductory course in the manufacturing of puppets through two techniques:

- The shadow with the Turkish puppeteer Cengiz Ozek. He practises the traditional shadow theater of Karageuz, but also tales stemming from the contemporary reality.

- The puppet with rod with Greta Bruggeman

For information, you can contact Elisabeth Corbier - 04 93 68 92 00

In 2013, NEW ! in Arketal’s workshop!
from march 25th to april 26th :
With Catalans Mina Trapp, Blai Tomas Bracquart and Greta Bruggeman

For ten years, through its programs of training courses and laboratories, the Workshopof Arketal approached various techniques of construction, the scenography, the writing and the play on the puppet theater.
It often was the opportunity to confront with the difficulties filming a sequence of puppets in action during the work or during the présentations of the end of session.
This is the way was born the envy to approach the realization of a short film in animated movie.
From 25 till 29 March with Mina Trapp (puppeteer and musician: puppeteer's formation with Pepe Otal of Barcelona and Peter Waschinsky. Puppeteer in the company Mimaia Teatro, the last creation " Adios Bienvenida " musician, the guitar and the accordion, the composer of the music of " Cause toujours" of Cie " Le Guignol à roulettes")

- Writing of a story board from a song of the album " Sibérie m’était contée" of Manu Chao - design the characters, the sets and the accessories inspired by the universe of Wozniak

From 1st till 12 April with Greta Bruggeman ( already worked according to the works of Wozniak, characters and sets of Fabienne Mounier's " Les Verticaux", Arketal creation and training courses of construction)

- Construction of puppets with rod and strings, sets and accessories designed according to the universe of Wozniak meeting the needs and required defined in the story board.

From April 15th till April 26th with Blai Tomas Bracquart (photographer and video director. formation in the ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema and Audiovisuals de Catalunya) Direction of the video clip " Guiniland " of "Las Hermanas Trapp") and Mina Trapp

- Play and direction, realization of sequences - editing with MAC computer and video projector

Weitere Meldungen

Pressemitteilung 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerb

Eine 7- köpfige Jury wählte anläßlich des 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerbs Andreas Blaschke zum Sieger. Die Premiere findet am 03.10.2021 um 15.00 Uhr im Max Jacob Theater in Hohnstein statt.