International Workshop in Italy: Stage writing for contemporary shadow theatre

10. Januar 2014

Shadows and other phantoms of the stage
Stage writing for contemporary shadow theatre
19th may - 7th june 2014
Piacenza, Officina delle Ombre
by Fabrizio Montecchi,
Nicoletta Garioni, Federica Ferrari
Teatro Gioco Vita

Is there a specific form of dramaturgy for contemporary shadow theatre? What are the procedures involved in creating a shadow performance? What is the director’s role in the conception of shadow space and the figurative universe? In what way can other forms of theatre language contribute to defining and realizing contemporary shadow theatre? These are only some of the many questions we will be treating during the Shadows and other phantoms of the stage workshop.
It is the process of stage writing which will be developed during the workshop, considering the dramaturgy, stage design, the puppets, the actors’ performance, music, lights, just to mention a few main points. These themes will naturally be dealt with both in theoretical and practical terms.

The workshop will be divided into three parts:

- First part An introduction to shadow theatre.
- Second part Stage writing for contemporary shadow theatre:
- Third part: Studies of “mise-en-scène”. Close.


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