Workshop at Odin Teatret, DK

13. November 2013


Hostebro, Denmark, 5-29 January 2014


A 3 week workshop for artists (actors, dancers, video makers, photographers…) of the performing arts group DIVANO OCCIDENTALE ORIENTALE, led by Giuseppe L. Bonifati (Italy, director in residence at Odin Teatret) and Alberto M. Guinaldo (Spain, actor in residence at Odin Teatret).

The workshop will develop a multidisciplinary art project, which started in 2013 in Budapest, led by Giuseppe L. Bonifati/DOO. It is open to a limited number of participants, performers, dancers, musicians, video makers, photographers, who are interested in meeting Divano Occidentale Orientale. In particular the workshop welcomes applications from Denmark and Nordic countries.

How to integrate visual arts and theatre? In an era when all search is forcibly lonely, is it possible to build beyond our beloved and hated individualisms? Individual creation is a discovery, an immersion; creation in a group is expansion, an opening - can the two dimensions coexist?

These are some of the main questions we ask ourselves and we want to investigate in our artistic research.


Applications should be sent to Odin Teatret by 1st December 2013

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