SMASH - Ausbildungsprogramm für experimentelle Körperperformance

25. Februar 2013

SMASH Berlin

3-month intensive program of experimental physical performance


Berlin | Aug 19 – Nov 10, 2013


- 15 participants/ 2 scholarships
- 15 teachers
- morning classes/ afternoon workshops
- mentoring
- theoretical lectures series
- practical seminars

deadline to apply - Apr 1, 2013


SMASH is a 3-month intensive program offering an immersive training in contemporary  physical performance.


Its conception originates from the wish to create a temporary, non-hierarchical educational platform to share with the participants the multifaceted scene of contemporary dance in Berlin.
The program focuses on the performative body with a hands-on approach to its expanded, transformative, contradictory and imaginative states.



Weitere Meldungen

Pressemitteilung 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerb

Eine 7- köpfige Jury wählte anläßlich des 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerbs Andreas Blaschke zum Sieger. Die Premiere findet am 03.10.2021 um 15.00 Uhr im Max Jacob Theater in Hohnstein statt.