UNIMA Repertories: International Festivals / Compagnies in Africa

25. September 2012

New publications of the Union International de la Marionnette:

The UNIMA Commission for International Festivals published a new REPERTORY OF INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS. It contains information (title, address, spaces, usual month, number of days, frequency e.a.) on more than 460 festivals from 60 countries all over the world. The festivals are listed by countries. On the last pages of the REPERTORY  there is also an index by month of the year.

The information printed in this REPERTORY is also available under   www.unima.org


THE  REPERTORY OF THE AFRICAN'S TROOPS AND COMPANIES has been edited by the Commission UNIMA Africa. It informs about 151 troops and compagnies in Africa - and provides information about some African festivals as well.