Ausschreibung Puppetry Video Contest der UNIMA Korea

26. April 2022

2022 Wishing for WORLD PEACE

Erschafft ein Figurentheater-Video mit Friedensbotschaft - kreiert aus wiederverwerteten Materialien.

Bewerbungszeitraum: 22.April - 08. Juli 2022

2022 Welcome to Puppet world for Peace!

Puppetry Video Contest
UNIMA KOREA & Puppet Festival CHUNCHEON & Chuncheon City are organizing a puppetry video contest '2022 Wishing for WORLD PEACE' in order to deliver peace through puppetry


We look forward to your participation in this puppetry video contest around the world.
◼ Title : 2022 Wishing for WORLD PEACE
◼ Theme : A puppetry video containing a message of peace by making a puppet show using recycled materials
◼ Hosted by UNIMA KOREA & Puppet Festival CHUNCHEON
◼ Sponsered by Chunecheon City
◼ Entry Qualification : Any puppeteers (individual or group)
◼ Application Period: April, 22 (Fri) ~ July, 08 (Fri) 2022 18:00 (KST) ※ Arrival time only
◼ Detailed Requirements
▸ Materials : Recycled materials (in all or some parts of the work, such as stage backgrounds and objects).
▸ Production Equipment : No restrictions
▸ File format : Video files, such as mp4, mov, avi
▸ Length : Within 3 minutes ※ Strictly adhere to video length
▸ English subtitles (not a mandatory thing to non-verbal videos)

▸ A short scene of gathering recycled materials must be included in the video. (no restrictions to express the scene).
▸ On the video credits, you must include, .
A. Logos of UNIMA KOREA and Puppet Festival CHUNCHEON
B. A phrase that “Puppetry can upcycle the world more peaceful."
◼ Contest Winner Announcement : on Tuesday, July 26, 2022
◼ How to Apply
▸(Submission) Apply via Google Form and send the completed video to the official contest email.
▸(File name) Written in order 'title_name (individual or theater)_city_nationality'
Google Form :
◼ The contest winners are posted on UNIMA KOREA Website, on Facebook.
※ Individual notification of the winners
※ (h) (f) (y)
◼ Prizes : Overall KRW ₩ 21,000,000 / USA $ 17,000 / EUR € 16,000

Hier gibt es die Ausschreibung in voller Länge (klick mich).