Workshop: Visible And Invisible Manipulation

10. März 2016

It takes place at Institut International de la Marionnette from July 8 to 27, 2016.

Mentors : Camille Trouvé and Brice Berthoud
Country: France
From July 8 to 27, 2016
Workshop place: Institut International de la Marionnette

Profile of the participants: puppeteers, actors, magicians and dancers having also had workshop experience

Languages of the workshop: French - English
Fees: 1250 euros (individual payment) 1700 euros (AFDAS or other support)
Deadline for applications: April 30, 2016

This workshop offers a laboratory aiming to challenge the puppeteer's act of manipulating by comparing it with that of the magician.
Strings, rods, shadows, black theatre, small mechanisms and trap openings or mirrors - the puppeteer's toolbox overlaps the magician's. They have the work of manipulating in common as well as the desire to disturb perception of the real with the audience's complicity.
But paths to success in creating this illusion are profoundly different. Do the audience members actually live the illusion or is it created with their consent? If the magician's technique is cloaked in the shadows, most of the time puppeteers work in plain view.
So during this workshop, we propose an exploration of these different language systems and the opportunity to seek a personal path relating "visible" manipulation and "secret" manipulation. The desired effect being to challenge the real and its so-called "normality".

Foto: Camille Trouvé