Festival Fidena 2014

Third International Meeting of Festival Directors

Third International Meeting of Festival Directors
May 19th and 20th 2014
»Artistic Freedom vs. Cultural Education -– International Festivals in Times of Crisis.«

In cooperation with the UNIMA Festival commission, we opened the third international meeting of puppet theatre festival heads. The conference took place in Bochum on three days parallel with the FIDENA festival and has been simultaneously translated into German, English and French. 40 participants from all over the world discussed intercultural and cultural education aimed at the development of future urban societies. What will tomorrow's audience look like? The conference programme presented unusual projects which exemplify the link between art and mediation. Under the slogan "No Education" it simultaneously presented concepts which refuse mediation and nonetheless (perhaps for this very reason) find a way of reaching children and young people. It goes without saying that we have also been exchanging ideas and opinions about "best practice" examples from our own ranks. As ever the conference was all about individual personal commitment.

How do we create communication between the generations? Between cultures? What is our responsibility in the context of cultural education and mediation? And what role do artists play here? What about the responsibility of festivals to artists; and last not least what about the demands on artistic quality?


Have a look at our documentation and at the feedback of the participants!