Gioco Vita: International Workshop in Piacenza (I)

28. November 2013

Shadows and other phantoms of the stage

Stage writing for contemporary shadow theatre


19th May  –  7th June 2014

Piacenza, Italy

By Fabrizio Montecchi, Nicoletta Garioni and Federica Ferrari


The workshop will be divided into three parts:
First part: An introduction to shadow theatre.
Second part: Stage writing for contemporary shadow theatre - projection systems and stage design; dramaturgy and text; design and puppets; sound and music; action and  performance.
Third part:  Studies of “mise-en-scène”. Close.

Duration: 18 days (120 hours), number of participants: 20



Weitere Meldungen

Pressemitteilung 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerb

Eine 7- köpfige Jury wählte anläßlich des 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerbs Andreas Blaschke zum Sieger. Die Premiere findet am 03.10.2021 um 15.00 Uhr im Max Jacob Theater in Hohnstein statt.