In memoriam: Brunella Eruli

04. September 2012

Das Deutsche Forum für Figurentheater schließt sich den Worten des "Institut International de la Marionnette" in Charleville-Mézières mit größtem Respekt und tiefem Bedauern an:

"It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death on 8 August of Brunella Eruli. Brunella was the editor of our review Puck La Marionnette et les autres arts, now published in collaboration with the L’Entretemps publications, since its creation in 1988, when Margareta Niculescu invited her to take up this responsibility. 
Brunella Eruli, a specialist in the contemporary and avant-garde theatre of the 20th century, lectured at the University of Sienna (Italy). She greatly contributed to the reintroduction of the arts of puppetry into the history of live theatre, giving them their rightful place and legitimacy.
This is particularly attested in the entire collection of the review Puck, a veritable sum of references in this domain, including the 19th edition which is at present being finalised. Although in the last weeks of her life Brunella was weak, she nevertheless continued to fulfil her role as coordinator and reader. This edition, which deals with collectors and collections, will come out at the beginning of October, and will be particularly dedicated to her.
Brunella was a woman who had both intelligence and heart, who lived life with elegance and curiosity. She was expert at opening fields of reflection, by inviting authors to exchange points of view and experiences, always giving the most important place to the artists themselves.
We would like to salute the intelligence of her analyses and her deep sensitivity which have marked in a durable and irreversible way the vision we have today of the puppet. We have indeed lost a friend."

The team of the Institute.
Institut International de la Marionnette
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette (ESNAM)

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