Applications Masca-Theatre Bukarest

20. März 2013

Besides the Romanian National Theatre Festival (October 25th – November 3rd), Bucharest will host the annual festival organized by Masca Theatre: “World masks at Masca”.
Masca Theatre is the only gesture, pantomime and corporeal expression theatre in Romania. With a company made up of young professional actors, Masca Theatre is led by the actor and director MIHAI MĂLAIMARE. This 9th edition of the Festival is based on the concept of sharing ideas and promoting interculturality by inviting theatre companies to perform on the Masca’s venues, by organizing workshops and lecturers with actors and students and specialists in performance art.
In order to fulfill its international vocation of theatre for citizens, Masca Theatre is interested in a direct collaboration with the international festivals and corporeal theatre companies. They are welcoming all the opportunities to share experiences and find partners for common cultural and educational project.
If you are interested in this festival, contact Doina Lupu (Director program) or Anca Pislaru (Masca Theatre PR Representative)

Weitere Meldungen

Pressemitteilung 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerb

Eine 7- köpfige Jury wählte anläßlich des 3. Hohnsteiner Kasperwettbewerbs Andreas Blaschke zum Sieger. Die Premiere findet am 03.10.2021 um 15.00 Uhr im Max Jacob Theater in Hohnstein statt.