Copenhagen Puppet Festival Cuts the Strings

10. Dezember 2012

The internationally recognised puppet theatre festival for adults, Copenhagen Puppet Festival, has cut the strings and become a self-governing organisation. Thereby making it possible to focus even more closely on the main object of the festival, to attract innovative and challenging adult puppet theatre to Copenhagen. The puppet theatre festival for adults will now be organisatorially separate from Puppet Junior, which focuses on children. It will give the festivals two distinct profiles, appealing to different audiences.


The board for the new independent institute will be broadly representative, with Jonas Wilstrup, daily political director for HORESTA, as chairman.


"Unfortunately we have not succeeded in raising funds for Copenhagen Puppet Festival in 2013, but we have experienced a lot of good will from the puppet community, our co-partners and volunteers to keep the festival. With their help and crowd funding we are therefore now focusing all our energy on launching Copenhagen Puppet Festival February 28th to March 3rd 2013 despite all odds. Because we are still here and we intend on staying."


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