Baku ruft!
Jetzt bewerben.

12. Mai 2015

Bis 1. Juli für das Jirtdan Baku International Puppet Festival (BIPF) bewerben!

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic has the pleasure to invite you to participate at the III Jirtdan Baku International Puppet Festival (BIPF) which will be held in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan on 15-20 November, 2015.

The BIPF Organization Committee will provide accommodation (with breakfast) and local transport in Baku for each participant troupe (up to 8 persons) for the duration of 3 nights (4 days). Each participant will be paid per diem in amount of 30 Azerbaijani Manats (1 AZN = 1 USD) a day (120 AZN in total).

Traveling and visa expenses, as well as shipping costs of performance facilities to and from Baku should be covered by participants. If you decided to participate in our Festival please reply by email indicated below not later than July 1, 2015, and attach the following documents:

- Registration form

- List of the troupe

- DVD/VCD or the Internet link of the performance

- Annotation (or script) of the play in English



Baku International Puppet Festival

Mobile: +99450 2222441

Fax: +99412 4371187



Address: Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre

36, Neftchiler Prospekti

Baku AZ1005






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