Masterclass in Silkeborg (DK)

05. März 2013

Giacometti meets Music and Figure Theatre.

Master Class, performance and workshop with Frank Soehnle and Patrick Michaëlis


This project is created in cooperation between Festival of Wonder and Figurentheater Tübingen from Germany. The project is in three parts: Part one is a two-day Master Class for professionals, Thursday Nov. 7 and Friday Nov. 8, both days from 10:00 – 17:00 (5:00 pm).  The instructors are puppeteer Frank Soehnle from Figurentheater Tübingen and actor Patrick Michaëlis.  Frank Soehnle teaches at the puppetry school in Stuttgart and both instructors perform in ‘Hotel de Rive.’
Part two is the performance ‘Hotel de Rive’ with Frank Soehnle and Patrick Michaëlis together with two musicians, playing on alp horns, among other instruments.
Part three is an open workshop, held in conjunction with one of the performances of ‘Hotel de Rive’.  Here the focus will be on the practical use of the elements learned in the Master Class.
The price for the Master Class is 1200 Dkr. (160 Euro), which includes lunch and coffee for both days of the course.  12 applicants will be accepted and the course will be taught in English.

Weitere Meldungen

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