Dutch playlist of youtube films

17. Februar 2011
Puppetry Museum Pamphlet No. 133 - YouTube films

We have pleasure in enclosing Puppetry Museum Pamphlet No. 133: Dutch-language information about a playlist of 750 international YouTube films in the field of folk and mainstream puppet theatre and related arts.
From an inspirational point of view, we have created our own list of favourites suitable for young and old, which we selected from the impressive catalogue of material available on the Internet, resulting in an intriguing explorative journey through the fascinating world of puppet, shadow puppet and figure theatre. View and listen to performance fragments and presentations through www.youtube.com/ottopopmus#g/p.

Any tips, additions, suggestions and/or remarks with regard to the playlist and films offered are more than welcome. Please send your reactions, stating your name and contact details, to otto@poppenspelmuseum.nl.

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