Kunstpiep 2013

Der Kunstpiep 2013 geht an ... DRENICA!

23. Mai 2013

Die internationale Fachjury entschied sich in ihrer Sitzung für den Film "Drenica" von Simon Beaupré, ein Film über das Massaker im Kosovo. Entstanden innerhalb von nur 8 Tagen, ohne Geld, als Koproduktion von französischen und kanadischen Puppenspielern und Filmemachern. Die Figuren und Kulissen dieses Trickfilms sind sämtlich aus Zeitungspapier, was die Fragilität des menschlichen Körpers ebenso deutlich macht wie die historisch-dokumentative Ebene. Die Einbindung des Schattenspiels beschwört zugleich die Schatten der Vergangenheit. Ein Filmchen, das unter die Haut geht.


Lesen Sie die Jury-Begründung:

Laudatio und Jurybegründung:

For some reason, parents don't like to answer the question: “Which child do you love the most?” We, the jury, felt a little bit like this when we were trying to pick a winner of this year's festival. We had so many incredible films to choose from and the films are all so very different. How do you compare a contemporary dance piece with an animated daydream? What is more important: technical proficiency, visual impact, or narrative storytelling?

Each of us in the jury still had our favorites of course. Parents don't really love all of their children the same amount, do they? But we had to pick one film that we all really loved and we kept coming back to one little film that seemed to have it all.

It told a story that was timeless and timely at the same time: about wounds that can never heal and about how the past shapes the present. Despite its short production time, the film has a visual impact that has to be seen to understand. There is something about the dead bodies made out of newspaper in this film that stays in your mind longer than any live action footage you might see on television. While the precariousness of the materials tells of the precariousness of human life in a time of war, the use of shadowplay seems like a reminder of the shadows of the past that keep reappearing again and again long after political conflicts have been officially resolved.
The movement of the characters is limited and yet enormously expressive. The sets are simplified representations of reality but they transport you to a different place and a different time. The character design, puppetry, lighting and camera are not self serving, but serve the story in a way that gives this film both its visual elegance and its narrative brilliance.

For those who haven't guessed it yet: we are very proud to award the Kunstpiep prize for 2013 in the amount of 2.000,- Euros to the film “Drenica.”

Die Jury:

Vera Neubauer, Künstlerin, Filmemacherin, London
Birgitt Wagner, Tricky Women Festival, Wien
Jim Lacy, Trickfilmer, Hamburg
Kartrin Mundt, Autorin, Film-Kuratorin, Bochum