Martin MacGilp, A Timber Idol: Mr Punch in Scotland

11. Juni 2012

For the first time a book examining the historical evidence of Mr Punch in Scotland has been published, and is available now. The research for this book was carried out in public & university libraries and archives in many parts of Scotland, and clearly demonstrates that Mr Punch has entertained and amused Scots throughout the centuries. This book examines the evidence for Mr Punch in Scotland, from the seventeenth century right up to contemporary times. Punch’s Italian origins are considered, along with information about some of the performers who have kept this silly, funny and entertaining folk-play alive across the centuries.


Martin MacGilp

A Timber Idol: Mr Punch in Scotland
Paperback. Over 200 pages, more than 100 illustrations, several tables, appendices and an index. ISBN 978-0-9571881-0-5
GP Gilpress Publications